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XWA Downloads

These programs are for modifying XWA in multiple ways. I did not create these programs and can not support or guide you on using them. It's always recommended to make a Backup copy first.

XWA Tools Downloader

XwaToolsDownloader contains the most modern and useful tools for editing various XWA files. This is a tool to easily download them all at once.
Currently it includes the following: Bin Hex Edit v2, Color Hex Converter, OPTech v2, Backup Restorer, Cbm Editor, Dat Editor, Exe Patcher, Hull Icon Generator, Imc Editor, Mission 3D Viewer, Opt Editor, Opter v2, Snm Converter, Spec Rci Editor, Zt Creator Patcher

XWA Piloteer

A basic and easy to use Pilot Editor to change your statistics. You can edit your Name, Rank, Medals, Missions and more.

XWA Pilotfile Viewer 3001

A slightly more detailed Pilot Editor. It can change your statistics but it also will show your detailed scores, ship kills and more.

XWA Cutscene Player

This can play the XWA "SNM" movies used in the game mission cutscenes.

You can also try Xwa Snm Converter to change these into modern formats.


The craft Editor can let you add new ships to the game. Also you can change the statistics of the Starships, from names to speeds and power levels.


The classic X-wing series mission Editor. You plan your missions, briefings and voice messages. Also check out his site for the Skirmish Editor.

Ye Olde Galactic Empire Mission Editor (Yogeme)

All-in-one mission editor for the X-wing series, X-wing to XWA. This is a new Editor which can support many of the recent improvements to the game.

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