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Custom Missions for use in X-Wing Alliance Campaigns or Skirmishes. The downloads will contain all the necessary files. View the Readme documents for more details on how to use them in game.

Evacuate Echo Base

Created by Ace Antilles

You fly protection and must wait for the escaping Medium Transports and escort them to Hyperspace. Has bonus points, secret escape routes and cameo appearances. Includes custom sounds from Empire Strikes Back.

Make it Big: The Jek Porkins Story

Created by Jek Franko
An campaign with six missions. The missions come with full briefings and custom voice messages made by many people.

XWA Custom Skirmishes

Nawara Ven's 125 Skirmish Pack
Created by Nawara Ven
125 different Skirmish files to give you plenty of combat fun!

Giant Skirmish Pack
Created by Various

A compilation of almost 170 different Skirmishes from ten various creators.

Most of these have worked hard to make almost campaign like stories for more enjoyment. I compiled them into one download for ease.

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