5th May 2021: New Release - R-22 Spearhead A-wing

I hope you had a happy​ May the 4th but now it's time for the Revenge of the Fifth! Plus a new release!

R-22 A-Wing Fighter: This is a brand new release from starship Opt creator DTM of MTD Industries.

He has kindly allowed me to host it on The X-Wing Outpost and it's finally the first item on my Starships page.

This ship comes with the latest new XWA features. Animated Cockpit Damage effects, Cockpit Shadow MappingAnimations and Dynamic Cockpit. There are base, cockpit and exterior opts all with high quality textures.

The ship has 4 different flightgroup colour choices and will show the correct icons in the map and Hud too.

The download will contain all the necessary files. You have the choice for an automatic install to a specific slot, or extract extra files to the MODS folder to perform a manual installation using the MXvTED shp file system.

View the Readme documents for all the full details and there are screenshots on the Starships download page.

It looks amazing in game. Feel free to leave any comments about this release on my XWAU Forum page.

X-Wing Outpost UpdateI was hoping to have another project ready for release but it still needs a little more work.

I'm happy to say my XWA Interface Update is now included in the XWAU Mega Patch! I hope everyone enjoys it.
I tidied up the site a little in places. There will be more new and old Opts added in the future. It takes time to make them 2021 ready. Also I am working on a mod for the XWAU that will really change the way we enjoy the game!

I want to wish everyone a great Star Wars Day for yesterday and enjoy your Sith Day and this new release!

R-22 A-wing Download

1st January 2021: New release - XWA Interface Update

I'm happy to finally release this brand new huge update that I've spent long hours on creating since the summer.

XWA Interface Update: This upgrades the look of most of the menu screens found in the Flight Simulator room and others. It replaces nearly all the interface images stored in the Frontend2.dat file. Many of them look a little dated so I thought it would be fun to update them with brand new images featuring craft made by the XWAU.

This means when selecting options in Quick Skirmish there is updated X-Wing, A-Wing craft images and more.
Also most of the Icon boxes are updated too. They are now clearer new versions of the original design ideas. 


When replaying a Tour of Duty, images have been updated for difficulty, missile choices, collisions and more.

I’ve also replaced the menu Cutscene movie preview pictures with improved versions.

The Multiplayer section has had the screens updated with new Cockpit images on the menus.
The Racing Missions section has had its menus updated too for the Yard race selection screen.
Lastly in the Crew Quarters there are new improved Rebel and Imperial kill tally icons.

So essentially most of the buttons etc you see that you interact with in the game have been altered to look better.

I'll post a bunch of screenshots on the XWAU Forum which will illustrate some of the changes better.

See the Readme file for all the changes. I hope you like as I think it gives a 20 year old game a little bit of polish.

XWA Movie Crawl v1.1: I've updated the XWA Movie Crawl installer. It was conflicting with the XWA HD Cutscenes version as it is MP4 and the other AVI. The game played the AVI first. So now it will backup and delete the AVI version when installed. So you can decide which version you want to use.

X-Wing Outpost Update: I realise such a lot of the site still needs finishing but everything takes time sadly.

I have more plans in my head than spare time in the day. My next major release is something else I've been working on for a long time and is 90% complete. It's a complete overhaul of the special effect sounds from the game.

I want to add some Starships to the site but I need to actually test many of them as they are very old. I have had some interesting developments in that area which should be great for the future.

I want to wish everyone who visits and still enjoys these Star Wars games a very Happy New Year!


26th November 2020: The X-Wing Outpost has launched!

Welcome to the new relaunch of The X-Wing Outpost from Ace Antilles! It's been a long time coming but it's finally back online. There's still a lot of sections unfinished but if I didn't release what I have done then I may never get it sorted! I will be gradually adding to the sections when I can and real life permits me.

What's here for me, you ask?  Upgrades, Videos, Missions, Downloads etc for all the X-Wing game series.

My plan is to add cool stuff from many creators and host some of the old releases that have vanished from the Net.

It's a grand plan that maybe bigger than I expected! So we shall see how that goes ;)

I'm working on 2 brand new major updates for XW Alliance which I will hope to be releasing asap.

Here is a rundown on the sections you can find on The X-Wing Outpost:

Battle of Endor Update: One of my original mods is undergoing a 2020 revamp with better quality.

Downloads: I've added downloads for some of the major and most useful XWA tools and editors.

Missions: These are my old hosted Missions but I've also added some cool Skirmish files to use.

Sounds: I will be hosting some great Sound upgrades to use to make your game sound better.

Starships: This will be for any Opt files. I hope to add some of the older but still great ships in the future.

Upgrades: Crew Rooms, Video upgrades and other great tweaks to the game can be found here.

XW Series: I will add a few nice bits to this section as I can find them but the majority will be for XWA.

Downloads: I will have general other Star Wars or fun downloads in the future.

Forum: You can visit my forum area on the XWA Upgrade site for news or sneak peeks.


Websites have changed a lot in over 10 years! It's taken time to rebuild it so I hope you like what I have done.

Things have come a long way and I had to relearn lots! Due to redirect issues I've had to disable the Mobile view option as it wasn't working properly. I find the site works ok so far and if viewed horizontally it looks fine too.

If you remember my site from the good old days, then welcome back. If you're a new visitor, greetings! Enjoy.